Chris Crain is a multi-talented musician with a stage name that resonates with the rhythm of his craft. He effortlessly weaves the tapestry of Soul, Jazz, R&B, and a touch of Blues into his melodies. 

Chris has worked with many notable artists as lead/ background/ producer/ studio session/ and musician. Including Grammy award winning artist/vocalist/arranger Mark Kibble (Take 6), Marva King, Roger Ryan, Frank Mccomb, Eric Roberson, Anthony Crawford and more. 

Chris Crain’s musical journey took root in the heart of Mississippi, where he spent his formative years. Today, he calls Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his home. It's a journey that spans different regions and cultures, reflected in the diverse range of musical genres that he both appreciates and contributes to. As a musician and music enthusiast, Chris finds himself at home in various musical landscapes. His repertoire encompasses Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B and Country. However, if you ask him to pin down his artistic identity, he'll describe himself as a blend of Jazz, Soul, R&B, and a hint of Blues. It's this unique fusion that you'll discover sprinkled throughout his songs. 

Behind every great artist are the inspirations that ignite their creative flames. For Chris Crain, his musical influences are diverse, which is his reflection of his own work. While the list is extensive, he cites his top five influences: Chris's introduction to acapella music came through Take 6, a group that left an indelible mark with their seamless harmonies and innovative arrangements. Mark Kibble's work still astonishes him, and he's excited to collaborate with Mark on a song titled "Better" for his upcoming 2024 album, Herbie Hancock as a pianist, Chris couldn't help but fall in love with Herbie Hancock's ability to craft open and free-flowing melodies that leave room for imagination, Sam Cooke is someone Chris resonates deeply with due to the soulful and powerful spirit in his music which reminds him of his Southern roots and the connection to his Mississippi home, James Taylor for his ability to tell everyday life stories through seemingly simple yet honest and free songwriting, and Stevie Wonder, not just for his music but for his perseverance as a musician with a disability. 

Born with a special birth defect called Brachial Plexus Palsy, Chris is determined to show the world that even when your journey has challenges beyond your control, you have everything you need to accomplish your dreams. He strongly believes that no matter the hand dealt to you, the only thing that will keep you from your dreams is you. 

In 2011, Chris founded The Better Project Awareness Inc, A Non - Profit 501c3 organization. TBPAI began with the hopes of raising awareness about the birth injury Brachial Plexus Palsy. With a purpose to promote positive Self Image amongst children and adults from all walks of life who may suffer from physical, mental, or cultural disabilities, the Foundation uses music and music-performance as its primary platform to promote a clear message of HOPE, PERSEVERANCE, LOVE and SELF WORTH. As an additional support, the foundation uses mental health strategies and principles to enhance the lives of the individuals served in the program. Learn more about The Better Project Awareness Inc at

Chris Crain's latest single, "Stay," is a testament to his versatility and collaboration with singer and songwriter Eric Roberson. It's currently available on all major digital streaming platforms, serving as a perfect showcase of his musical evolution. Chris also plans to release “Project They Say," in 2024. Designed, to give a voice to those who suffer in silence, “Project They Say” has been translated into 16 languages. 

Chris Crain is more than a musician; he's a storyteller and an artist who brings together the sounds of his past and present to create a harmonious future for music lovers around the world. His passion for using his music to make everything and everyone around him better, including himself, is prevalent in every lyric; every rhythm and note. Keep an eye (and ear) out for his upcoming album in 2024, where his influences and experiences are sure to converge into an unforgettable musical journey.